Nancy Kerrigan's Brother on Trial for Manslaughter

Nancy Kerrigan and her family are standing by her brother who is on trial for causing the death of their father who died after a physical struggle with his son. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Nancy Kerrigan is once again involved in a heartbreaking ordeal, but this time, it's much closer to home.

Mark Kerrigan, Nancy's older brother, is on trial for manslaughter. Prosecutors say a physical altercation between the two men ended in the death of his father, Daniel Kerrigan, 70.

A distraught Brenda Kerrigan broke down in tears during today's grueling court testimony. Kerrigan sobbed as she described how her husband fell to the ground at their home near Boston that day.  "He just fell down, just like a feather coming right out of the sky," she said.

Nancy was overcome with emotion during her mother's heartbreaking testimony, and Mark also wiped away tears as his mother testified.  

Mark Kerrigan's defense team contends that Daniel Kerrigan died of a long-standing heart condition.

The entire Kerrigan family, Nancy included, is standing by Mark.