Partially Blind Teen With Autism Shows Off Incredible Singing Voice: 'It Makes Me Feel Really Happy'

Ashleigh Fagan has been singing since she was young.

A 17-year-old with autism, who can’t read or write music, is wowing fans with her astonishing voice.

Ashleigh Fagan, who was diagnosed with autism when she was 12, is partially blind but she doesn’t let that stop her from singing or playing instruments by ear.

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“It makes me feel really happy. It's really nice as well that my music makes people feel good,” Ashleigh told SWNS.

Ashleigh's mom, Liz, started a Facebook page two years ago to share her daughter's talents with neighbors and friends, but the page quickly grew. It now has more than 15,000 followers.

She said it became clear at an early age that music has a transformative effect on her daughter. 

"When Ashleigh was younger I always played music to put them to sleep," Liz said. "I gave Ash a Casio piano. She started copying and miming the way [musicians] talk. That's the way she started out. She would come in and listen to music on the telly and then copy it.”

Ashleigh, who can play the guitar, tin whistle and harp, constantly practices music in her bedroom in Dublin, Ireland, and although she is too shy to perform live, her powerful sound still resonates through the song covers she posts on Facebook.

"It takes me a few weeks to learn a song so I just sing it again and again,” Ashleigh said.

She said she hopes meet her idol Ed Sheeran one day.

"I would love to sing with Ed Sheeran. My favorite song is 'Castle on the Hill.' I've listened to it lots of times and can play it on guitar,” Ashleigh said.

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Sheeran is coming to Ireland next year and it’s Ashleigh hope to sing a duet with him.

“We'll see,” the teen said.

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