As Taylor Swift Heads to Court, See the Photo She Says Proves DJ Groped Her

The star is set to testify against Denver DJ David Mueller.

Fans of Taylor Swift showed up in droves Monday outside a Denver courtroom to show support for the singer as she squares off against a radio DJ she claims groped her in 2013.

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Fan Maya Benia, 20, arrived at the crack of dawn hoping to give the “Blank Space” singer a three-page hand written letter.

Jury selection started Monday.

"There will be a lot of Taylor Swift fans but people will be asked by the judge: 'Can you set aside how you feel about Taylor Swift?'''' former Denver prosecutor Craig Silverman told Inside Edition.

"I don't think it has been so overwhelmed with publicity that people have necessarily made up their minds," he said. "They will get a jury and they will get it pretty quickly." 

Swift says David Mueller groped her backstage at a 2013 concert.

A photograph, which Swift’s lawyer’s call “damning” proof, will be shown as evidence, according to reports.

Swift claims he “took his hand and put it up my dress.” 

Mueller is suing the “Shake It Off” singer for $3 million, claiming he was fired and can't get a new job because Swift is "falsely accusing” him of "inappropriately touching" her.

The Grammy winner is countersuing for assault.

"I like Taylor Swift's chances, all the evidence seems to be on her side," Silverman claims. 

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Silverman says the disc jockey will have a tough time proving his case.

"That photograph is pretty darn incriminating," he said. "It corresponds with Taylor Swift's version of events -- why was David Mueller's hand down in that area? Why does he have that grin on his face? He has got trouble right when he walks into this courtroom." 

The DJ is adamant he did nothing wrong.

"My hand was never under her skirt. I never grabbed her,” he said previously on a Detroit radio show.

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