Strangers Form Human Chain to Save Dozens of Hikers Caught in Flash Flood

The water appeared out of nowhere.

About 60 panicked hikers threatened by a flash flood were saved by strangers who formed a human chain to pull them to safety.

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The surging waters in Utah's Zion National Park were captured on video and posted to social media after the July 29 rescue.

A terrified boy clung to an adult as a steady hand guidedboth to safety in the video as they went across ankle deep rushing water which quickly rose to their knees.

The human chain was made up of about a dozen hikers, most of them relatives. Jarrod Finkenthal was one of the people who helped. 

“It was really cool seeing my nephew and brothers, everyone lined up together, and helping them,” he said. “We all noticed that they were struggling at the same time and we all went in at the same time. We all helped out as best as we could.”

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The area of the park, known as The Narrows, was closed along with other parts of the park when a flash flood warning was issued by the National Weather Service.

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