Raccoon Freed After Getting Peanut Butter Jar Stuck on Its Head

The snack-seeking raccoon got its head stuck in the jar.

A hungry raccoon may have thought he was hitting the jackpot after finding a jar of peanut butter, but the container wound up getting stuck on his head and left the critter in dire need of assistance.

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The raccoon was wondering around a yard in Farmingdale, N.Y., Sunday when it got the jar of Skippy peanut butter stuck on its head.

The homeowner saw the raccoon with the plastic jar on its head and called licensed wildlife rehabilitators Cathy and Bobby Horvath, who live nearby.

“We get to the person’s house, we go out in their backyard and the raccoon — he’s a youngster, he’s a baby — but he’s like, you know, a teenager, and he was hiding behind some bushes," Cathy Horvath told InsideEdition.com. "So, Bobby had to get him with a snare pole and pull him out.”

“Then we wrapped him up in a towel and I brought a bottle of cooking oil, so I poured it all over his head around the jar, and I was like, twisting it and turning it a little bit but then all of a sudden the suction, like, came out, and I was able to pull it off of his head.”

Horvath shared a video on Facebook of her husband doing his best to get the raccoon free. However the creature was eager and nervous to be released.

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“He was, like, crying the whole time in there. It was so sad,” she said. “He could see me and he was scared because he was a youngster and he didn’t realize we were helping him.”

The raccoon was eventually freed a short time later, and ran back into the wilderness.

Horvath believes that the animal lives in the area and says it is common for raccoons to get their heads stuck in jars.

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