Mom Takes Hilarious Swimming Pool Photo to Celebrate Kids Returning to School

Jena Willingham planned the funny photo shoot.

One Alabama mom is clearly excited about sending her kids back to school.

In a photo that Jena Willingham shared to Facebook, the mom of three lounges in a pool chair with a drink in hand as her seemingly grumpy children stand behind her, clad in back-to-school wear.

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Willingham says her children — Wrangler, 11, Emmy, 7, and Sykes, 4 — have been bickering all summer and she was ready for a little bit of solace.

“I told them I made a countdown on my phone for the first day of school and I was going to have a pool day because they have been arguing with each other all summer,” Willingham told “They fight over the TV, and video games, IPad and chargers.”

On Sunday, the mom dressed her three children up in the outfits, which they actually wore to their first day of school on Monday, and headed to her cousin’s pool for the photo.

She climbed in the pool and told her kids to put on their best sad faces.

“The [kids] thought it was funny,” Willingham said. “It was all a joke.”

Willingham said on Monday when she dropped the kids off to begin the year. However, she was actually sad.

“Sykes is going to pre-k so I cried a little when I dropped him off, but after a long summer home with them I was ready for a break,” Willingham said. “I was at the school 45 minutes before school got out because I was ready to pick them up. It got a little boring after a while but it’s a lot less stressful than listening to them fight all day.”

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The mom said she had no idea the photo would go viral.

“I post crazy stuff all the time,” she said. “I didn’t think that many people besides my friends would see it.”

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