Mom, 2 Kids Stuck in Car Standing Upright After Freak Accident

The vehicle was caught on a power cable after Lisa Beaulieu had been driving in a lightning storm.

What looked like something out of an action movie was real life for a Connecticut mom and her two children, who found themselves trapped in their car after it up-ended and was left standing straight up.

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The family’s vehicle was actually standing upright in the town of West Suffield Wednesday.

“I need someone to come quickly. We're facing straight up. My two kids are in the car, please hurry!,” panicked mom Lisa Beaulieu told a 911 operator.

The bizarre accident happened after Beaulieu, a kindergarten teacher, was driving in a lightning storm with her kids Drew, 5, and Noella, 4.

As she navigated the road, a telephone pole suddenly snapped in half and she somehow ended up in the crazy position. The car was then caught in a power cable.

“It happened so fast, it honestly felt like we were on a rollercoaster going uphill and then we got stuck going up at the steepest point,” she told Inside Edition. “It was a cable that was low to the ground and my car somehow got tangled in it and then instead of snapping the wire just kind of slingshotted back up and carried my car with it.”

As she was on the phone with 911, the operator urged her to stay in the car and not get out. She was also told to keep the windows up.

The mother was worried she was going to get electrocuted, but the dispatcher assured her she would be safe if she followed his instructions. 

“I just assumed that it was live and I was worried that somehow the electricity was going to get through my car,” she told Inside Edition.

It was an excruciating wait for help to arrive, but the operator stayed on the line until the fire department responded. Even when the fire crews got there, the operator stayed on the phone with the distraught mom for another 30 minutes.

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“He was just very reassuring with every question that I asked him,” she said.

Beaulieu and her children later got out of the vehicle safely.

Inside Edition brought Beaulieu and the dispatcher, Jeremy Schussler, together so she could thank him in person.

In addition, the mother and her kids headed to the firehouse to deliver cards and cupcakes to their rescuers.

Fire Chief Charles Flynn says he couldn't believe it when he saw the car's crazy position and has never in all of his years of experience seen anything like what Beaulieu faced. 

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