After Chris Pratt/Anna Faris Split, Looking Back on Her Tense Hug With Jennifer Lawrence

Fans have pointed fingers at Jennifer Lawrence for breaking up their marriage, though the couple claims infidelity was not a part of the split.

An icy red carpet moment has many talking as Anna Faris and Jennifer Lawrence greeted each other in public at the 2016 premiere of Passengers.

The red carpet moment is getting picked apart, as some fans have blamed Lawrence for the breakup.

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Faris’ teeth appear to be clenched and Lawrence’s hands look so stiff that many have compared them to claws. Others have noticed how she never fully touches Faris during the hug.

Lawrence and Faris’ husband, Chris Pratt, stared in the sci-fi flick, and shared a few steamy scenes.

“When Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence shot Passengers, there was some speculation that there might be an affair," Popsugar editorial director Lindsay Miller told Inside Edition. "I think anytime you have two really hot stars in a movie together that naturally comes about.”

Both Pratt and Lawrence denied the affair.

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According to a new report, infidelity was not the cause of their split. Faris wants more kids, and a traditional family life, while Pratt is said to be happy with their only child Jack, 4, and wants to focus on his red-hot career.

On Sunday, the Hollywood "it" couple announced their separation on social media. 

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