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'Swifties' Yearning for a Spot in the Courtroom During Taylor Swift Groping Trial

The die-hard fans of the "Blank Space" singer are hoping to show their support in the Colorado courtroom.

Die-hard Taylor Swift fans were excited to be granted tickets inside a Denver courtroom Tuesday to watch the singer’s trial against a DJ she says groped her in 2013.

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A total of 32 passes were handed out to the public for a seat to watch Swift battle former radio DJ David Mueller.

Anyone without a driver's license had to be accompanied by a parent. Inside Edition found one 10-year-old fan who was at the court at 3:45 a.m. Tuesday with her father.

“I can't think of a finer civics lesson,” the proud dad said.

One young Swift fan says she has no doubt who is in the right for the trial. 

“This is an incredible opportunity," she told Inside Edition. "We get to Taylor stand up for her against sexual assault, that is so amazing."

No one is wearing Swift memorabilia or clothing because the judge has banned them. Someone at an office building across the street has defied the ban by writing “Free Tay” on the window with pink Post-it notes.

The singer was whisked in a back entrance, but her high-powered legal team used the front door, surrounded by security.

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Inside the court room, the “Blank Space” singer was sitting up front with her legal team and her mom.

Swift was paying close attention to the proceedings, listening intently and reading through legal papers. Just 10 feet away was the DJ who is suing her, claiming he never groped her and the false accusation cost him his job. Swift is counter-suing for assault.

During opening statements, her attorney held up a huge poster-sized copy of that now infamous backstage photo, saying Mueller did not just grope Swift but also sexually assaulted her.

Mueller's attorney hit back, vehemently denying that the former DJ acted inappropriately.

The trial got off to a speedy start Tuesday as the eight-person jury was selected before lunch in just four hours.

Attorney Whitney Traynor, who is not affiliated with the case but was in court, told Inside Edition that Swift's reputation could help her. 

"People are star struck, they are seeing her, and she is a beautiful star," Traynor said. "She has an excellent reputation and I think that is going to play a part because although a juror can say, ‘I am going to be objective, I am going to hear the evidence.’ It is hard to find someone who already hasn’t formed an opinion."

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