Rachel McAdams Look-Alike Sparks Social Media Frenzy With Senior Portrait

"Mean Girls" fans have been quick to comment on the similarity between April Turner and Regina George.

A California high school student’s yearbook photo is creating a social media phenomenon as some have commented that she looks like Rachel McAdams from Mean Girls.

When April Turner of Dublin, Calif., posted the yearbook photos on Twitter Friday, people couldn't believe how much the blonde looked like Regina George, the character played by McAdams in the 2004 hit.

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“You are literally Regina George's twin,” was one reaction.

“You look more like Regina George than Regina George,” was another.

Some people may have been offended by the Mean Girls comparison, but Turner loves it.

"I think it is pretty crazy," she told Inside Edition. "I definitely didn’t expect it."

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Turner even had fun riffing some lines of the beloved movie.

She says the Mean Girls characterization is fun, but she definitely prefers to live her life as a nice girl, saying, "I think I am a nice person." 

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