Toddler Belts Out Adorable Version of National Anthem: 'It's Amazing at This Young of an Age'

Her dad had been practicing the tune for a year.

An Iowa 2-year-old is already showcasing her patriotism with her own unique rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

The toddler, Maddy Dellaca, is seen with her toy microphone as she belts out the national anthem in a video shared by Caters News.

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“She learned the national anthem from her dad [Andy] practicing every day for a year before he auditioned to sing it at an Iowa Cubs game during the 2017 season,” Maddy’s mom, Chelsea Dellaca, told

Now, Maddy and her brother sing the song all the time, Dallaca explained.

“She’s been literally singing every day," Dellaca said. "A lot of times we’ll sing it in the car. If we’re running somewhere, she’ll just randomly start singing it. She’s just singing it for fun."

Maddy began the impromptu performance by standing on a stool in her Iowa home.

Even after she nearly slipped off her stool halfway through the song, in which she said, “Oopsy-daisy,” she didn’t let that stop her show.

“You know, it’s amazing at this young of an age," Dellaca said. "There’s really nothing you can’t teach them."

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Dellaca said she wouldn't be surprised if her daughter has a future in show business.

"She’s only 2, but she definitely will do something in theater."

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