Firefighters Band Together to Save Cat Stuck Under Metal Door

It took 20-25 minutes for the cat to be freed.

A curious cat in Chicago learned the hard way that sticking your nose where it doesn't belong can land you in a sticky situation.

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On Sunday, members of the Chicago Fire Department rushed to the scene after Elilda and Jose Martinez Bello showed up at the firehouse and urged them to save a cat whose head was jammed under a metal door in the city's South Side.

Only the cat’s body was visible on the pavement while its head was caught.

“The first firefighter that got there saw it and knew it was possible to save the cat,” Elilda told “He had no tools and then called for backup, who came with the tools.”

Six firefighters responded to the scene trying different techniques to free the cat. Some of the techniques involved trying to play with the cat to get it comfortable enough to leave, chopping up the concrete and prying the bottom of the door.

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As the firefighters went to work, Jose rolled his camera and filmed them in action.

It was the prying which eventually led to the cat’s freedom.

“It took about 20-25 minutes to get the cat out of the door,” Elilda said. “We always felt that the cat could be saved.”

After it was released, the feline wasted no time, taking off around the corner and leaving its rescuers in the dust.

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