Not Your Mother's Avon Ladies

INSIDE EDITION meets the new Avon ladies. These young women aren't your mother's Avon ladies. They're college students with technological savvy and they're making lots of money.

Take a look at the new army of Avon ladies! They're definitely not your mother's Avon ladies.

Instead of selling door to door, these college coeds sell makeup in book stores and hold strategy meetings in their dorm rooms.

"I made $1,200 in two days before, cash money," says Kristiauna Mangum, a senior at Ohio State. Unlike most college students, she's not so worried about the scary job market out there. She's already making $800 a month! Being an Avon lady runs in the family...her mother sells Avon too.

Mangum is one of more than 40,000 girls nationwide who work for Avon's little sister brand, mark.

They're mainly 18-to-24-year-old women, who are changing the face of Avon, raking in big money by marketing their products on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

"My mom's not online. My mom doesn't even know how to text," says Mangum.

She's selling her products on her cell phone on her way to class which are priced perfectly for college. Her blush costs $7 and lip gloss just $6!

Mangum says by the time she graduates, she'll have her student loans paid off and she says anyone can do it.

Just don't call her an Avon lady!

"No I'm not an Avon lady like my mother!" she says.