Lost Video Reveals Insight Into Schwarzenegger and Shriver's Life

INSIDE EDITION looks at lost video of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver from their early days together that gives new insight into their private life that has now come apart.

Lost video of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger before their storybook marriage 25 years ago shows Shriver anchoring the CBS Morning News in 1986. She sat just a few feet away as Schwarzenegger, who was a guest on the show, gushed about her.

"I think that she is as great of a girlfriend as she is host here on the news," said Schwarzenegger in the interview.

But here's what Schwarzenegger said to Shriver in front of his friends, Siegfried and Roy, shortly after the couple's wedding, not realizing what he was saying was caught on tape:

"Every time I put my cowboy boots on the couch, you start screaming."

And we're now learning that one of Shriver's closest friends was skeptical from the very beginning that Schwarzenegger was the right guy for her.

Theo Hayes told INSIDE EDITION in 2003 that she didn't want Schwarzenegger as a guest when she got married.

"I really don't want you to bring him to my wedding because I would prefer, in 25 years, on my 25th wedding anniversary, not to see his face in my book," said Hayes.

Schwarzenegger did come from an entirely different world than Shriver. Another lost video shows him as a 19-year-old bodybuilder in Austria.

He grew up in humble surroundings. He was the skinny, only son of the local police chief. Scwharzenegger was just 20 years old when he won the Mr. Universe title. Then he was introduced to an American audience with an appearance on The Dating Game.

Now with the marriage in shambles, the lost videos give new insight into Schwarzenegger and Shriver's private life.