Mad Libs: Trump Improvised His 'Fire and Fury' Remark About North Korea: Report | Inside Edition

Mad Libs: Trump Improvised His 'Fire and Fury' Remark About North Korea: Report

The president's top aides were reportedly "surprised" by the comment.

The comment that has put the world on edge was reportedly ad-libbed by the president, who said North Korea will be met with “fire and fury” during a press conference Tuesday.

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The fighting words from President Trump were “improvised," according to The New York Times, where he said North Korea will "be met with power, the likes of which this world has never seen." 

The president was glancing at a single page of paper on his desk but, according to The Times, it was a "fact sheet on the opioid crisis” and had nothing to do with North Korea crisis.

The president's top aides were described as "surprised,” The Times reported.

The president's body language is also coming under scrutiny.

"There is a glint in his eyes, the real anger," Body language expert Lillian Glass told Inside Edition.

She also noted on how the president's arms were folded tightly across his chest, which Glass classified it "an angry body movement."

“This is a furious body language poster,” she added.

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The crisis is front page news everywhere and no place has more at stake than the tiny island of Guam, which North Korea has threatened to bomb with nuclear weapons.

Hawaii is another potential target. A North Korean missile would take just 20 minutes to hit the island. The public would only have about 12 minutes notice from launch to landing.

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