Glen Campbell's Last Days: Country Music Icon Seen Strumming His Guitar at Alzheimer's Facility

The video was shot by his daughter Debby and shared with Inside Edition in 2014.

Haunting video of Glen Campbell playing guitar during his final days at an Alzheimer’s facility has resurfaced.

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The video was taken by his daughter, Debby, and given to Inside Edition in 2014 because she wanted the world to know that despite his illness, her dad still had his musical talent, even if he couldn't remember all the lyrics to his classic songs.

In the video, he runs his fingers up and down the guitar's fret board as skillfully as he had onstage.

The music legend was worth an estimated $50 million, a fortune he earned thanks to a string of hits, like "Rhinestone Cowboy."

At the end of his life, he was receiving 24-hour care in a single room at a facility in Nashville.

There was a bit of family drama when Debby claimed her dad's fourth wife, Kim, wasn't keeping her up to date on her dad's condition. Luckily, things were worked out and she and her dad were able to spend quality time as he slipped away.

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Debby told Inside Edition that prior to her father’s death, he would ask if he was a doing a gig that night because he believed he was in a hotel and on the road.

Heartbreaking footage shows from 2012 shows Campbell recording his last song, which was featured in the documentary, Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me.

The documentary showed the singer tackling the harsh realities of Alzheimer's with his wife by his side.

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