Store Owner and Son Take On Armed Robbers Who Attempted to Hold Up Shop

The armed pair encountered a business owner and son who were ready to fight back.

Would-be thieves in Texas picked the wrong store to make a robbery attempt, as the armed pair encountered a business owner and son who were ready to fight back, officials said.

The suspects entered Z-Comm, an Arlington-based cell phone repair store that buys and sells cell phones, under the guise that they were there to do business, surveillance footage of the July 18 incident showed.

But it wasn’t long before one of the two suspects pulled out a handgun, pointing it at the store’s owner and his son, who were standing behind the counter.

The armed suspect pointed the gun at the store’s owner and his son and jumped over the counter, where he was quickly tackled and wrestled to the ground, the surveillance footage, released by Arlington Police, showed.

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As the struggled ensued, the other suspect pulled out a gun and can be seen brandishing the weapon at the group, but the store owner didn’t miss a beat, swatting at the second gun while continuing to wrangle the first away.

Both suspects got away, but not before the store owner and son nearly dragged one of the men back inside.

“We do NOT recommend that you try and fight off armed robbers,” Arlington Police wrote in a Facebook post about the incident. “These clerks got very lucky that they were not shot or killed.”

Store owner Khurrum Monga agreed, telling CBS DFW that it was only after the fact that he realized what he and his son did was dangerous.

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“When I saw my son in a fight, I didn't think, I just ran toward the fight to help," Monga told the television station. “We are both very lucky that we weren't hurt and that no shots were fired. We just hope police can find the men.”

Nothing was taken from the store, but police told Monga that the gun left behind was real and loaded.

“We were thinking, 'It was fake. It's all fake. They're just making up anything.’ But after, when police told me, 'It's a real gun and it's loaded,' of course it's coming into my mind, we should not do that," he said.

No arrests have been made in the case.

Anyone who may recognize the suspects is asked to call Detective Houchin at 817-459-5301.

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