Apocalypse Tomorrow?

Will tomorrow bring the end of the world? Thousands of people across the world are convinced that May 21, 2011 is doomsday. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Thousands of people across the world are convinced that the end of the world is upon us.

"We can know that Judgment Day is going to be May 21, 2011!" one rally-goer told INSIDE EDITION.

They claim that the apocalypse has been foretold by the Bible, and that natural disasters like the ones depicted in movies will start on Saturday at 6 p.m.

One man in New York actually spent a small fortune, $140,000 of his own savings, to plaster "end of the world" posters all over the city.

But most people seem to be laughing it off, especially the late night comics.

"Saturday is doomsday! That sucks, I just joined Netflix!" joked Jay Leno.

And Jimmy Kimmel quipped, "This Saturday, May 21st is Judgment Day. We will be judged by Randy and J-Lo!"

But nobody is laughing over the story of Julianne McCrery, who stands accused of asphyxiating her 6-year-old son, Camden.

She allegedly went to Maine, where she dumped the body on a country road. Her lawyer made a stunning statement to reporters.

"I believe she was up here to bring both her son and herself to heaven," he said.

There is speculation that the boy's murder might have been influenced by fear among some people about the coming of the apocalypse.

"Someone who is struggling with psychological problems can think, 'I'm not ready, how do I get ready?' and make a terrible, terrible mistake," Pastor Dave Watson of Cavalry Chapel in New York explains.

For now, all that talk about the "end of the world" is strictly speculation. But one sad, certain fact is that a little boy is dead, for reasons we may never know.