Police Academy Staffers Squeeze Rubber Chicken in Cadets' Faces During 'Chicken Test'

"Designed to test a cadet's demeanor, focus and sense of humor," the police academy wrote on Facebook.

Cadets looking to graduate from an Indiana police academy are subject to a series of rigorous tests, including the squeezing of a rubber chicken in their faces.

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In a video posted to Facebook by the Indiana University Police Academy, cadets can be seen lining up on the field as staff performed the so-called “Chicken Test.”

After the chicken is squeezed in each cadet's face, they must keep it together.

Any cadet who laughs or breaks composure is ordered to drop into a round of pushups.

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“Designed to test a cadet’s demeanor, focus and sense of humor,” the police academy said in a statement posted to Facebook.

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