Spectator Jailed for Disrupting Casey Anthony Trial

There is more drama in the jury selection for the Casey Anthony trial after one woman was removed from the courtroom for shouting that Anthony is guilty. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The Casey Anthony trial hasn't even officially started, but there's already chaos in the courtroom.

Jury selection was halted Friday morning as Elizabeth Rogers, 30, shouted at Anthony: "She killed somebody, anyway!"

Rogers was immediately removed by bailiffs.  She was heard saying, "I didn't know I'd get that emotional," as she was taken away.

Judge Belvin Perry was less than pleased.  Rogers was returned to the courtroom where she pleaded with the judge not to be hauled off to jail. "Please don't punish me, I'm really sorry," Rogers said. She cited the fact that she has a child the same age as two-year-old murder victim Caylee Anthony as a reason for her emotional outburst.  

Perry sentenced Rogers to two days in Pinellas County Jail for being in contempt of court, and she was led away in tears.

As lawyers in Clearwater, Florida struggle to find an unbiased jury, the Rogers incident is yet another bizarre twist in an already strange case.

And the real drama—the trial testimony of Casey Anthony—hasn't even begun.