Can Engagement Chicken Really Lead to a Proposal?

Can a chicken recipe make a man pop the question to his girlfriend? INSIDE EDITION talks to couples who say a dish that's being called Engagement Chicken worked for them.

Can a chicken dinner really make your boyfriend pop the question?  Skeptics beware: these couples say it really works!

Beth Ostrosky, Howard Stern's wife, swears by "Engagement Chicken."  When she cooked it for Howard Stern, he proposed!  

"The chicken made me loopy.  I was like…I was so romantic," he says.

So how is Engagement Chicken made? Easily! To begin, start with a simple roast chicken.  Then, just marinate it in lemon juice and garnish it with fresh herbs.  

The recipe was first published in Glamour magazine in 2003, and is included in a new Glamour Cookbook called 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know.

Wendy Naugle, Executive Editor of Glamour magazine, spoke exclusively with INSIDE EDITION about Engagement Chicken. "We've had more than 70 couples tell us that it has led them to the altar," she said.  

INSIDE EDITION brought some of those couples together at the Redeye Grill in New York.  Madeline Van Almen from Cleveland is just one of the many who believe in the power of Engagement Chicken.  Van Almen prepared the dinner for her beau, Brian, and he proposed that night, immediately after the meal!

"I said [to Brian], ‘You're not going to believe the name of the chicken I just made for you, it's Engagement Chicken! You make it for your boyfriend and he's supposed to propose and you just did,' " Van Almen tells us.

Madeline then gave the recipe to her sister Irene, who had been dating her boyfriend, Dave, for seven years.

So, Irene cooked him Engagement Chicken.  Sure enough, he popped the question!

Drewe Niehaus, a middle school teacher at Brooklyn's School of Science, plans to cook Engagment Chicken for her boyfriend of three years, Nick Warndorff.  

No engagement yet, but as the couples can attest: the way to a man's heart (and a proposal) really is through his stomach!