Radio Station Exec Calls Ex-DJ's Claim That He Groped Taylor Swift 'an Absolute Lie'

David Mueller had claimed that his boss was the one who inappropriately touched Taylor Swift, and not him.

A Colorado radio executive jumped to his own defense in Taylor Swift's groping trial Friday, taking issue with claims by an ex-DJ that he was actually the one who touched the pop star inappropriately.

"It is an absolute lie," Hershel Coomer told the jury. "I think of Taylor Swift as a little sister — she was 13 when I first met her and it's just disgusting — if someone would make that accusation about you."

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David Mueller, who Swift claims touched her inappropriately backstage during a 2013 meet-and-greet, said on the stand this week that it was his not him but his former boss who may have done the grabbing.

Mueller testified that Coomer bragged to him that he put a hand on Taylor's backside when they hugged, and even speculated about her underwear.

"Taylor must wear bicycle shorts under her outfit," Mueller accused Coomer of saying.

But that was an innocent observation, Coomer claims.

"I did comment to Mueller, 'She's gotta be wearing bike shorts under those outfits' — otherwise she's changing in front of the whole crew," Coomer testified. "It was never, 'Oh i wonder what type of underwear Taylor Swift wears?' It was, 'How do people in theater do a complete wardrobe change backstage?'"

Also on the stand was Taylor's bodyguard, Greg Dent.

Dent was off to the side during the alleged groping incident and claims he saw the whole thing.

When Mueller went to put his arm around Taylor, his hand went under her skirt, Dent told jurors. She jumped, pushed her skirt down, and moved away, Dent added. 

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Asked why he didn't do anything in the moment to stop the behavior, Dent said Taylor "...didn't give him any indication to do anything."

"I take my cues from her in certain situations, and she continued with the photo," he said.

On Thursday, Swift testified that she did not want to cause a scene because she didn't want to disappoint the line of young fans who were waiting to meet her.

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