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Kindhearted Firefighter Adopts Dog He Helped Save From Fire: 'It's Great for Titus'

The puppy is recovering well.

A New York firefighter who helped saved the life of a pup who was trapped during a house fire has now adopted the dog. 

Lt. Anthony Muhammad was responding to a fire in the room of a three-story house in Newburgh earlier this month when those living in the home told firefighters there were two dogs trapped inside.

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Muhammad said the department initially found one puppy, which didn’t survive, but could not find the other. Firefighters decided to check the room in the home where the fire had initiated.

"We entered the room and my captain said nothing would have survived in here. I agreed,” Muhammad told “The dog started whimpering almost like he heard of us talking.”

After a quick search, firefighters found the dog under the bed. They rushed the dog outside to assist him. He suffered burns to his skin and paws. 

“He was burnt. We gave him oxygen and wet him down,” said Lt. Tim Dexter, who was also in the home at the time. 

It was then firefighters realized that the family who owned the dog no longer wanted him. That is when firefighter Jimmy Moore, who had plans of adopting a dog soon, stepped in.

Moore had been talking to Dexter about adopting a dog and so the pair saw the adoption opportunity as a sign.  

Moore asked the family to take the dog down to the local animal hospital and register him under his name. He later went to pick the dog, Titus, up once they’d finished fighting the fire. 

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Titus is slowly recovering. 

“He’s doing alright. He walks a little funny because he got some burns on his paws. He’s healing up,” Dexter said. "It’s great for Titus. I don’t know what life Titus would have had but after this I know he’ll have a great life.”

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