Kind Cop Buys Clothes for Teen Caught Stealing Them for Job Interview: 'We All Make Mistakes'

The 18-year-old landed a job afterward.

A Canada police officer’s kind gesture towards a shoplifter helped the young man land a job.

Toronto officers arrived at a local department store on a theft call and found an 18-year-old, who had allegedly tried to steal a dress shirt, tie and socks, in the custody of loss prevention officers. 

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Officer Niran Jeyanesan said he realized they weren’t normal items for a teen to steal, so he asked what the items were for.

“He was apprehensive to talk about it, at first, but he began to open up,” Jeyanesan said.

Jeyanesan said the teen had stolen the items to attend a job interview. With his father sick and unable to work, he wanted to help his family.

"In this case, something clicked and I believed in him,” Jeyanesan said. 

Jeyanesan spoke to the store manager to retrieve the clothes the 18-year-old picked out and the officer paid for them out of his own pocket. 

Officers took the teen down to the station, but decided not to charge him. Jeyanesan left the clothes for the teen and went back to his shift.

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The 18-year-old reportedly landed a job while wearing the clothes. 

"It was a case that allowed us to use our discretion. You could truly see that this person was trying to do something with his life,” Jeyanesan said. "This is a chance where we get to do something good. We all make mistakes and someone, at some point, gives us a second chance."

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