60-Day-Old Panda Cub - Still Without a Name - Crawls Around and Cuddles with Mom

The public is going to name the panda.

A panda cub recently born at a Japanese zoo is celebrating its first 60 days on earth with some crawling and tons of cuddles from its mother.

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The unnamed female panda was born inside Tokyo's Ueno Zoo to resident giant panda Shin Shin.

The zoo has not named the cub because they are still soliciting names from the public to name her, according to media reports. 

The zoo released video of the black and white furry panda after taking her measurements and reports that the cub is in good condition, weighing 6.6 pounds and measuring just over 16 inches.

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It still cannot walk on all four legs and gets around by crawling on the floor. Pandas generally begin to learn to walk around the three-month mark. 

In the video released by the zoo, Shin Shin is seen cuddling and playing with her daughter inside their cage.

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