Foster Puppies Steal the Spotlight in Newborn Photo Shoot

Newborn photographer Kelly Frankenburg said the biggest challenge was posing the pups' floppy ears: "Do they go up? Do they go down?"

These foster puppies were born to be models.

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Newborn photographer Kelly Frankenburg, 36, of 11 Sixteen Photography in Richmond, Va., couldn't help but line the trio of puppies up for a heartwarming photo shoot, just days after they were born.

"I just thought it would be really cute, and I thought it would be good for the shelter to have nice pictures to help them get adopted," Frankenburg told

Although she has photographed many animals, including pets families have brought along for photo shoots, the puppies named Tito, Messi and Love Bug created some unexpected challenges.

"The only major difference was they have four legs and they have little floppy ears I didn't know what to do with," she joked. "Do they go up? Do they go down? I lined all three up on the blanket and tucked the ears in."

Frankenburg explained that she and her husband had originally decided to foster the puppies to help her kids, 5 and 9, learn more about compassion and caring for living creatures.

So far, her 9-year-old son's job is to walk the puppies' mom, Paris, regularly, and her 5-year-old daughter's job is to make sure the puppies are being handled safely.

"I want my children to respect animals and to learn responsibility," she explained. "I grew up around animals, horses and dogs — and it teaches you so many good lessons."

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Since she took the photos of Tito, Messi and Love Bug, along with their 1-year-old Chihuahua mom, Paris, she said she's been getting several inquiries about potential adopters.

Anyone interested in adopting the pups can direct their questions to Richmond Animal Care and Control.

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