Amid Taylor Swift Case, 33 Percent of Women Admit to Being Groped, Shocking Survey Shows

Inside Edition carried out a survey of 100 women. The results are nothing short of startling.

Many of the women of New York City feel the same pain Taylor Swift says she is feeling, having to deal with unwelcome groping in public spaces.

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“It's happened twice for me and multiple times for other friends,” one woman in Manhattan told Inside Edition.

“It happens all the time,” another said. “That's maybe every week or two.”

Inside Edition carried out a random survey of more than 100 women, who were polled in or close to the New York City subway, which is said to be prime territory for gropers, with its cars that are more crowded than ever.

One question posed in the questionnaire: "Have you ever been inappropriately touched or groped on the subway?"

A disturbing 33 percent answered "yes."

Nancy Byrne described an incident where she had just gotten off a train when she was violated.

"I stepped off the train, like I do every morning, and I felt someone grab my vagina, harshly,” she told Inside Edition. “I was just shocked, I didn’t know what happened. I yelled at him. it was my natural reaction to protect myself.”

A shocking four percent of women surveyed by Inside Edition said they have reported their molestation to authorities.

Security expert Steve Kardian gave Inside Edition tips on how to protect yourself from a groper, whether it's in a subway car or any other crowded space.

“You feel somebody moving in on you, you want to put this bag between you and him, because he wants his body to touch your body. This will minimize or prevent it,” he advises.

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He said that before you yell at the perpetrator, Kardian believes you should call the man out first.

“If you believe you're being groped or if he's getting too close,” he said. “[Tell him] 'Back off, don't touch me, stay away from me' — loudly — so everybody knows that there's a problem.”

Another tip is to use your elbows to strike an assailant's sternum and push to keep him away.

Police say if you're the victim of groping or any sexual assault, you should call 911 immediately.

Kardian also recommends taking a photo of the assailant to make a police investigation easier and more likely to result in an arrest.

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