Taylor Swift Erupts in Tears as She's Accused of Making Up Groping Claim

Lawyers for former DJ David Mueller said there was no way a photo showed he was grabbing her rear end during a 2013 meet-and-greet.

Taylor Swift broke down in tears in a Denver courtroom Monday as she was accused of lying about being groped.

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The outpouring of emotion came after an attorney for former DJ David Mueller, who's accused of grabbing Swift’s rear end during a 2013 photo-op, told the jury that it never happened.

"Why would Ms. Swift lie?" the lawyer, Gabe McFarland, asked the jury "I don't know. I'm sure she thinks it's true, but the photograph shows otherwise."

He added: "There is no way in this picture that Mr. Mueller's hand is under Ms. Swift's skirt and under her bottom. He's not lifting up her skirt. Her skirt's not disturbed. And the line of her skirt is straight."

He then asked the jury to observe the “Shake It Off” singer’s expression in the photo.

"Look at Ms. Swift's face and ask yourself: Is that the face of a person who just had a strange man grab her butt? That's the face of someone who is taking a nice photograph,” he said.

Mueller sued the pop star and her mom for $3 million for getting him fired. But on Friday, the judge threw out the suit against Swift for lack of evidence. The case against her mother will go to jury but the judge reduced the amount of money the jury can award Mueller, if she is found liable, from $3 million to just $250,000.

Swift's attorney, Douglas Baldridge, praised her outside court and said he “couldn’t be more proud to represent somebody” like the singer.

He said she “was willing to step up in a situation like this and I am grateful I would say to the judge and the people of Denver for getting the law right.”

When it was his turn to give a closing statement, Baldridge told the jury that it is “ridiculous to claim that nothing is happening in the photo.”

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“Everyone is clear that they saw something weird here,” he said.

He described the Mueller’s smile as "a s***-eating grin."

Swift says she took legal action on behalf of other women who find themselves being inappropriately touched.  

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