Do You Know This Monkey? Airline Worker Searching for Owner of Stuffed Animal in Viral Post

The stuffed monkey was left at the St. John's International Airport on Thursday night.

Do you know Bo?

That’s the question Kristen Sellars, a WestJet Airlines customer service agent, is asking after she found the stuffed animal during her shift at the St. Johns International Airport in Newfoundland Thursday night.

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Sellars posted a photo of the lone stuffed monkey on Facebook in a post that has gone viral.

“He's been stranded here for days," Sellars wrote on the post that has been shared almost 20,000 time. "He's also breaking my heart, every time I do a gate. Feel free to share his picture so that he can find his little hooman (sic)."

Sellars said she was helping with a flight when she found Bo “chilling” on a counter in the boarding lounge.

“He looked well-loved, and a little forlorn. I decided to take a snap and post it on my personal Facebook page, as I have many friends with children in the city,” Sellars told “The hope was that one of them may have come through and perhaps left him behind. His sweet face has led the post to be shared by so many more folks than I ever expected.”

Sellars named the animal after the Boeing aerospace company.

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Bo may be linked to someone in Alberta based on leads Sellars has received, but there is nothing solid yet, Sellars said.

“I remember having childhood comforts like Bo," Sellars said. "And, I know how attached a child can be to their little comforts. I imagine that there's a little one out there who is missing this guy. I'd love to get him back into the arms of his human, and perhaps help mend a little broken heart.”

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