Mom of Charlottesville Suspect Was 'Afraid' of Her Son as More Troubling Details Emerge | Inside Edition

Mom of Charlottesville Suspect Was 'Afraid' of Her Son as More Troubling Details Emerge

It has been revealed that he once spit in his mom's face.

More is being learned about the troubled past of Charlottesville attack suspect James Alex Fields Jr., including the alleged mistreatment of his wheelchair-bound mother.

In 2010, Field’s mom, Samantha, called 911 to report that her then-13-year-old son "smacked" her "in the head" with a phone, according to police transcripts from the Florence Police Department in Kentucky.

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“It appears his dad, his natural father, died at a young age, and also his mother is in a wheelchair," Duane Pohlman, an investigative reporter with WKRC-TV in Cincinnati, told Inside Edition. "A neighbor says she was in a horrible accident and was paralyzed."

A year later, he were arrested for “spitting" in his mom's face and "standing behind her with a 12-inch [knife]." He was never charged in either incident. 

Caleb Orndorff and Chloe Jones, who attended high school with Fields, claim he taunted them with neo-Nazi rhetoric.

“There would be times when he would walk up and do the Hitler salute,” Jones said.

The suspect has been denied bail and did not enter a plea Monday when he was charged with one count of murder, one count of hit and run and three counts of malicious wounding.

His next hearing is scheduled for august 25.

Meanwhile, speculation has been growing that Fields' license plate holds a clue to his white supremacy connections.

The plate number on his Dodge Challenger is GVF 1111. The 11th number in the alphabet is K, leading some to believe it could be a salute to the KKK.

He was driving the Challenger when he allegedly killed a 32-year-old woman and wounded others as he plowed into a crowd of peaceful protesters Saturday in Charlottesville, Va. 

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The license plate was visible as Fields was pulled over for driving with an expired license plate three months ago.

His mother's license plate number is similar — GVF 1122.

Inside Edition has reached out to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and a spokesman says they are not vanity plates but "standard issue" license plates, chosen at random.

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