Whole Family Vanishes

The McStay family has vanished without a trace, and as police investigate, the mystery deepens. Their new home sits exactly as they left it. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A family of four has vanished without a trace.


Summer McStay, her husband Joseph, and their two toddlers are missing. Their SUV was found abandoned in a parking lot just two blocks from the U.S.-Mexico border. The beautiful home they just bought in suburban San Diego sits empty.

The house is exactly the way the family left it three weeks ago. Joe McStay's truck is in the driveway and the kids' shoes are still on the porch by the front door. The family's relatives fear the worst.

"A whole family doesn't just disappear like this," Summer's mother Blanche says tearfully. She hasn't heard from her daughter in three weeks. "It's so surreal, it's been very hard," she tells INSIDE EDITION.

After a search of the house, San Diego Sheriff's deputies seized computers and found other clues that left them puzzled. Summer left her prescription sunglasses behind. The family dogs were left without food and water, and in the kitchen, a dozen eggs were left out.


"I can't imagine leaving for an extended period of time and leaving a dozen eggs on the counter," says Lieutenant Dennis Brugos of the Sheriff's department homicide division.

In another bizarre twist, the missing mom changed her name to from Virginia Lisa to Summer only days before she disappeared. Police say she's known by as many as six aliases.

Detectives have also spoken to McStay's business partner.

The partner served time for burglary and receiving stolen property in the 1980s.

He was reportedly the first to notice the family was missing, but he is not considered a suspect and he has no comment.

Cops have also asked U.S. Homeland Security for surveillance video to see if the McStays were taken by force across the border into Mexico.

Meanwhile, a grieving woman is praying for the safe return of her loved ones. "I expect them to come home...God willing they'll come home," she says.

Police say they found no evidence of struggle or violence at the family's home.