Swarm of Bees Terrorizes High School Students After Building Nest in Classroom

Authorities believe the bees followed their queen into Palmdale High School sometime over the summer.

A swarm of bees briefly terrorized a California high school that had only just come back into session for the fall.

Dozens of students at Palmdale High School were stung Tuesday when authorities say the swarm, which had taken up residence in a classroom, was disturbed.

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About 40 people were evaluated for stings and multiple students were transported to hospitals, where none were found to have experienced life-threatening reactions, according to reports.

As students cowered, fire officials dispatched the insects with fire hoses, according to CBS Los Angeles.

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Officials believe the bees followed their queen into the school over the summer before building a nest in one of the classrooms.

The swarm has now been confined to that one classroom, officials said. 

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