Party of the Apes: Chimp Celebrates 41st Birthday With Troll Dolls and Favorite Treats

They noshed on fresh fruit and smoothies inside their sanctuary.

One happy chimpanzee inside a Washington state sanctuary has celebrated her 41st birthday with her favorite foods and a few of her close friends.

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Foxie the chimp marked the occasion on August 8 and the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest threw a party she won't soon forget. Since Foxie has a sweet tooth, she and her friends — Burrito, Jamie, Negra, Missy, Jody and Annie — all noshed on fresh fruit and smoothies.

The sanctuary even decorated their quarters and gave them Troll dolls to play with on the fun-filled day.

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At one point during the party, Foxie had to help regulate some monkey business, as she played peace keeper and separated two of her friends that had been fighting.

According to the sanctuary, she rushed to reassure everyone was fine and the party peacefully resumed.

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