Hero Mom Breaks Her Neck While Shielding Kids From Falling Tree in NYC's Central Park

Anne Moloky suffered most of the impact as the 80-foot elm suddenly fell on her and her children.

A mother was critically injured while saving her kids from a falling tree in New York’s Central Park Tuesday.

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Anne Monoky Goldman, 39, broke her neck as she shielded her three sons, including a 41-day-old baby, from harm.

Her son Grant, 2, suffered a fractured skull, but her other two children sustained only minor bumps and bruises.

The young mom was out for a morning stroll and pushing two of the boys in a double stroller. Her baby was in a carrier, strapped to her chest. Suddenly, the giant elm tree came crashing down on them.

“All of a sudden we heard a branch cracking and it turned out to be this giant tree falling on her and her kids,” a bystander told Inside Edition.

Monoky Goldman, a fashion editor for Tory Burch, is being hailed a hero for shielding her children and taking the brunt of the falling tree's impact.

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Video posted online shows the good Samaritans doing their best to lift the tree off the mom. She was trapped under the branches, but all she was concerned about was her baby.

A jogger cradled the little one as a cop comforted the 2-year-old.

Charles King, a tree expert, went to Central Park with Inside Edition at scene of where the freak incident happened. All that's left now is the stump.

He said that there was root failure in the tree and it appeared to have been decayed in the center. 

King also pointed out what to look out for to make sure you steer clear of a tree that could soon fall.

"A lot of times when you see a tree fail... you will start to see the ground heaving or seeing the tree leaning." 

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