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911 Call Released in Death of Boy, 3, Who Cops Say Was Left in Day Care Van

Myles Hill was found dead in Orlando on Aug. 7.

A 911 recording has been released by Florida authorities in the case of a little boy who is believed to have died after being forgotten in a day care van for hours.

In a call placed after 8 p.m. on Aug. 7, a caller from the Orlando day care facility reported the discovery of 3-year-old Myles Hill's lifeless body. 

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"I need somebody right now," the woman tells the operator as yelling is heard in the background. "The child is dead, from what I understand, the child is dead."

Florida authorities say the boy had been left in the sweltering van for up to 11 hours in temperatures surpassing 90 degrees with 100 percent humidity.

As the female caller seems to gain a better sense of what had occurred, a commotion is heard. "He's gone. He's gone," the woman said. "Oh my God, whose child is this?"

As it would turn out, it was the son of Chiel Banks, whose mother took him to the Little Miracles Academy day care that morning. The grandmother also called 911 that evening.

“I dropped, my baby, my little grandson, my baby, to day care this morning and now they seem to not know where my baby’s at," the grandmother told the operator.

She also contacted the center and an employee was sent outside to check the van. Myles’ body was found near the back seat, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said.

At about 9 a.m. Monday, the day care van driver picked up Myles and other kids at the center and drove them to another Little Miracles location. She returned to the first location, not realizing Myles was still on board, police said.

“The driver admitted to not doing a head count,” Mina said.

The facility had been cited last month for failing to maintain a log of van pickups, drop-offs and times for both.

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Since the toddler's death, the driver, Deborah St. Charles, 51, has been charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child and the Department of Children and Families has shut down Little Miracles Academy indefinitely.

Myles’ family has established two GoFundMe pages to help the family with funeral costs.

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