911 Call Reveals Harrowing Escape of Woman Cops Call 'James Bond' After She Jumped Out of Car | Inside Edition

911 Call Reveals Harrowing Escape of Woman Cops Call 'James Bond' After She Jumped Out of Car

Jordan Dinsmore's suspected attackers have been arrested.

The intense 911 call made after a college junior made a harrowing escape from her abductors by jumping out of her moving car last month has been released.

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“I have a young lady running in the middle of the road, screaming for someone to help her,” a witness told the 911 dispatcher. “She said she was being robbed.”

Jordan Dinsmore, 20, whom police have nicknanmed "James Bond," says she was held up at 1 a.m. as she was pulling into the parking lot of her apartment complex in Columbia, S.C.

A breathless Dinsmore then got on the phone and told the 911 operator what had happened.

“Please help me," she tells the dispatcher in the recording. "I just got off work. They were hiding behind cars. And they jumped out with a gun and held it to my head. They made me go to the ATM at Wells Fargo, by the gas station and take out money for them, and they took every cent I own, everything I had on me. I had to jump out.

When the 911 operator asked when the incident had happened, Dinsmore said: “Five minutes ago. My car is abandoned... I had to jump out of it while it was moving to get away from them."

Dinsmore is a criminal justice major at the University of South Carolina and further described the ordeal to Inside Edition Thursday.

"It was instant panic," she said. "I don't even remember making the decision to do it, it kind of just happened. The last thing I remember is seeing the pavement and the white lines underneath me. Then I just blacked out." 

An emotional Dinsmore said the situation "felt like an out of body experience," adding, "It felt like this can't actually be happening to me. This doesn't happen to real people — but it does." 

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Raquan Green, 17, was arrested last month for his alleged role in the crime. He faces charges of armed robbery, kidnapping and weapons possession. His case is still pending and has not entered a plea.

At the same time as Green's arrest, two others were taken into custody, but their identities were not made public because they are juveniles.

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