'Just a Bit Outside': Teen Describes Horror of Errant First Pitch That Hit Photographer in Groin | Inside Edition

'Just a Bit Outside': Teen Describes Horror of Errant First Pitch That Hit Photographer in Groin

Jordan Leandre was seen grimacing after the photographer was struck in the crotch by his ceremonial first pitch.

During Wednesday’s ceremonial first pitch at Boston’s Fenway Park, a high school student grimaced as he struck a photographer straight in the groin with a wild throw.

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Jordan Leandre pitches for his high school, so a throw from the mound should have been a breeze for the young ace. Unfortunately, it didn’t go according to plan, as photographer Tony Capobianco can attest.

"As soon as it left my hand, in my mind, it just popped in: 'Uh oh! That is not good!,'" he confessed to Inside Edition. 

A camera caught the teenager grimacing after realizing where his pitch landed.

"I was in shock it hit him, I was trying not to laugh but I realized where it got him," the teen said. 

It turns out it was not the first time he been in front of the crowd at the legendary home of the Boston Red Sox. 

When he was 4 years old, he battled cancer and was given the opportunity to sing the national anthem at Fenway. After belting out the song, the crowd cheered him on as he ran the bases.

However, what occurred Wednesday is the moment that's going to be viewed forever.

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Capobianco, the photographer, is fine. He snapped an image a split second before the impact and has been tweeting about finding humor in the incident.

Feel free to caption this, America pic.twitter.com/ZUXdacFAXV

August 17, 2017

Can somebody out there do a #MortalKombat fatality version of last night's first pitch? That would be hilarious

August 17, 2017

I'm the one who got hit and I will never stop laughing at that video https://t.co/9lDHhbcnGO

August 17, 2017

THANK THE LAWD it was just a bit outside https://t.co/FLnQffF2Kr

August 16, 2017

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