Burn Victim Cheered Up by Adoring Fan, an Orangutan: 'He Really Made My Day'

Darci Miller was badly burned two years ago while trying to set a pile of trash alight in her backyard.

An orangutan at the Indianapolis Zoo appeared fascinated with a recent visitor, a burn survivor.

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In a video shared by Darci Miller's fiancé, 12-year-old Rocky the orangutan can't stop staring at the woman's bandages and scars.

Miller was badly burned two years ago while trying to light a pile of trash on fire in her backyard.

“When I lit the lighter, the flame traveled up my arm and down my throat and caught the rest of me on fire,” she told Inside Edition.

When she met Rocky, Miller was recovering from her 12th surgery. Her fiancé, Jason Costello, caught it all on camera.

She was struck by the compassion of the animal.

“I’d like to give him a hug," Miller said of the orangutan. "He really made my day and showed me that compassion goes further than just human beings. I’m really glad he chose me. It was an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life."

Orangutans are known for their empathy and have shown their affection to humans in the past.

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Orangutan expert Richard Zimmerman watched Miller’s video and gave his reaction to Inside Edition.

"You can see how he looks at the wound and he looks up. He's very curious. And then he looks up and keeps making eye contact. So he's communicating with her through his eyes. You can see that,” he said.

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