INSIDE EDITION's Most Memorable Moments with Oprah

As Oprah gets ready to wrap up her show, INSIDE EDITION looks back on some of our most memorable moments with the talk show queen.

Over the past 25 years, INSIDE EDITION has been everywhere with Oprah.  

In 1989, our cameras were allowed rare behind-the-scenes access when Oprah brought her show to New York. We caught intimate moments as Oprah connected with audience members during breaks. After the show, we joined the talk show titan as she played with children at a women's shelter.
During that same year, Oprah sat down with INSIDE EDITION and spoke candidly about her long battle with her weight.

She made a shocking admission: "Tough is not the word...It's agonizing for me because I'm probably really a true food addict."

In 1992, we had the first joint interview with Oprah and her longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham.

"I'm not interested in getting married and I don't think you are either, are you?" Oprah asked Graham.

"Well, I think we're moving in that direction, don't you?" he said.

Oprah said, "We are?"

In 1998, we were also with the couple as Oprah celebrated her sexy Vogue cover.

"It was a fantasy, it was the best, it was like something I never experienced," Oprah said.

And Graham said, "I've always thought she was sexy. She's very, very beautiful."

INSIDE EDITION was right there when Oprah launched her new magazine, O, in 2000.

She told us, "For me the magazine is about getting women to see themselves in a way that they haven't seen themselves before, so you can move forward, get on with it honey! Get on with it!"

And, we were with her in Chicago on November 4, 2008, the historic night that Barack Obama was elected President.

"[It was] everything that we would want it to be. Perfection, that's what it was. Perfection," she said.

Although her show is coming to an end, we'll never forget our moments with Oprah.