American Singer Captures Chaos in the Streets Following Barcelona Attack: 'They're Shooting at Me' | Inside Edition

American Singer Captures Chaos in the Streets Following Barcelona Attack: 'They're Shooting at Me'

Jack Davey got separated from her family after a van driven by terrorists began mowing down pedestrians in the busy marketplace.

An American mom was filmed running for her life amid a terrorist attack as a van mowed down pedestrians in a tourist-friendly promenade in Barcelona Thursday.

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Jack Davey, a singer from Los Angeles, described her nightmare experience to Inside Edition.

“It was mass chaos and confusion,” she said.

She said she was strolling along the beautiful marketplace in the Las Ramblas neighborhood with her family when suddenly, all hell broke loose.

“My 5-year-old son was running with me; my brother was holding him," she said. "We had to pick him up because people were falling and being trampled."

The mom got separated from her parents in the chaos as a van driven by terrorists plowed into pedestrians.

“People were crying, ducking for cover in parking lots and grocery stores,” she added.

Another tourist from California, Rachel Mersky, sought sanctuary in a pharmacy with other terrified shoppers.

Heidi Nunez, 40, and Jared Tucker, 42, who live in a suburb outside San Francisco, were celebrating their first wedding anniversary in Barcelona.

He was one of the 13 people who perished in the Las Ramblas attack.

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"It was their first big trip together, the first time they went to Europe," the victim's father, Daniel, told the New York Daily News Friday afternoon. "But Jared dropped out of sight right after the terror attack. They were doing everything to find him. We got a lot of people involved to see if they could find him. There were no reports until this morning. She was taken over to the consulate.”

Hours after the attack in La Ramblas, another vehicle carrying five terrorists struck several more people in the seaside town of Cambrils in the early hours of Friday, 70 miles from Barcelona. One was killed.


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