Squish, a Grey Flamingo Chick, Takes Daily Walks Around the Zoo in Custom Blue Booties

Squish, the 2-month-old flamingo, wears the boots to protect its developing feet.

Taking daily walks around the zoo is tough on this baby flamingo’s developing feet, which is why its keepers fashioned a pair of custom blue booties just for the chick.

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Squish, a flamingo so young it is still gray, can be seen stepping and stomping around the Wildlife Reserves Zoo in Singapore while wearing the special shoes.

And, when he’s tired of exercising, Squish often plops onto the ground to take a little break.

The chick was born two months ago and is already making quite an impression on the zoo staff.

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“This adorable ball of grey has been the subject of much love and pampering,” the zoo wrote on Facebook.

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