To Mark Solar Event, Bonnie Tyler Belts Out 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' Aboard Boat Cruise

The singer performed her 80s hit on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Nobody knows more about a total eclipse than singer Bonnie Tyler.

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Her song, "Total Eclipse of the Heart," was a worldwide blockbuster in 1983, and is still a karaoke favorite today.

As the moon passed in front of the sun in America Monday, the British singer marked the occasion by performing her trademark song during the eclipse on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

“We're gonna pass the totality area a little later on. We'll all be wearing our funny little glasses, of course,” she told Good Morning America Monday.

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She belted out her chart-topping hit onboard the Royal Caribbean’s Total Eclipse Cruise.

She sang the show-stopping song alongside Joe Jonas' band DNCE during the celestial event.

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