Flight Attendant Denies Schwarzenegger is Father of Her Son

The woman who worked as Arnold Schwarzenegger's flight attendant on his private jet denies rumors that her teenage son is another illegitimate child of the former governor. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's former flight attendant broke down in tears, adamantly denying they ever had an affair. 

Tammy Tusignent worked on Schwarzenegger and Shriver's private jet for 12 years. She says since retiring in 1999 she has been hounded by rumors that Schwarzenegger fathered her now 18-year-old son.

"Nothing ever happened. Nothing was inappropriate between him and myself. Nothing was inappropriate. He was always very respectful to me. I respect him. I still do. I feel bad for what's going on with their lives. It's just outright wrong and it's cruel. I don't deserve it and my son doesn't deserve it," said Tusignent.

Camera crews have been camped outside Tusignent's Los Angeles house since news broke of Schwarzenegger's love child with the family maid.

Tusignent opened up to TV station KCAL, revealing that she took a lie detector and DNA tests to prove once and for all that her husband, Tom, not Schwarzenegger, is the father of their son, Tanner.

"Arnold and Maria were so good to me. The things that were said and seen...I haven't even been able talk to Maria and I don't want her to ever think that there was any reason why anyone would think that Tanner would be an illegitimate child," insisted Tusignent.

The revelation of Schwarzenegger's secret son is wreaking havoc on everyone involved. Sources close to the Schwarzenegger family tell People magazine that Schwarzenegger is depressed. His four children with Maria Shriver are said to feel "blindsided and humiliated" not just by their dad, but also by Patty, the maid who helped to raise them.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Shriver's brother, Bobby, who stayed mum about the family drama.

And photographers found Patrick Schwarzenegger in a parking garage at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where his mom, Shriver, has been living since walking out on Schwarzenegger.