Bride and Groom Arrested After Wedding Celebrations Turn Into a Bar Brawl

The newlyweds were still in their gown and tuxedo as police handcuffed them and hauled them away.

A bride and groom still dressed in their wedding finery were arrested when their post-marriage celebration at a bar turned into an ugly brawl.

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“I’ve seen bar fights, but it was pretty different to see this lady in a wedding gown right in the thick of it,” said witness Ryan Bychowski, 34, of Edmonton, Canada, who was with a couple friends at downtown bar Denizen Hall when the fight broke out Saturday night.

Bychowski and his friend Matthew Machado, 30, said they saw a group of 10 people, presumably coming from a wedding, enter the bar at around 10:00 pm.

“This is not exactly the kind of place you’d expect a wedding party to show up,” Bychowski told “You could tell they’ve been at it all day. A few of them were pretty drunk.”

Within 20 minutes of arriving at the bar, Machado said the bartender stopped serving them and security asked them to leave.

All of a sudden, the wedding party broke out into a brawl.

“I couldn’t tell what was going on except you see a bunch of people in tuxedos piled up,” Bychowski said. “I could see security staff all over the place and there’s this bride in the middle of it, swinging and jumping on people.”  

While he was not completely sure what happened, Machado said he saw the groom reach at the bartender, and a groomsman punch a window.

As police arrived and questioned the guests, Machado and Bychowski took photos that have since gone viral.

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Edmonton Police Service told the newlyweds were both arrested. The bride, 36, was charged with assault, and the groom, 37, was charged with mischief under.

One person sustained minor injuries as a result of the brawl.

“I’m still kind of in disbelief from it,” Bychowski said.

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