The Bride Wore Wine: Woman Accuses Flight Attendant of Pouring Wine on Wedding Dress

The dress was ruined after the bride claims a flight attendant intentionally spilled red wine on it as she headed to her wedding.

A bride is seeing red after she claims her wedding dress was destroyed on a flight.

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Yewande Oteh claims an American Airlines flight attendant intentionally poured red wine all over her white gown.

“They ruined my wedding dress,” she told Inside Edition. "The dress was still dripping with wine on it.”

The alleged incident took place when the bride-to-be was on a flight from Philadelphia to Jamaica for her wedding.

"The ticket agent said: ‘Why don't you take out the dress and hang it up? It will be safer that way’."

Oteh claims that when she got onto the plane, a flight attendant copped an attitude and made her stuff the gown into an overhead bin in first class while she sat in coach.

Later, during the flight, she says she saw that same attendant doing something suspicious.

"I saw her enter that bin, I saw her close that bin,” she said. “I saw the other flight attendants crowded around that bin and I saw them laughing, like it was funny and i just assumed they were laughing at the dress."

When the plane finally landed and she unzipped the garment bag, Oteh says she was shocked to find her beautiful wedding gown was stained red, apparently with wine.

"I felt robbed, I felt violated,” she said. “I was devastated. I was in tears."

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Oteh says she had to scramble and find another dress to wear at her wedding. She's now suing the airline for ruining her big day.

“I’m like a hopeless romantic where I really have been dreaming about my wedding since I was like 3,” she said. “They cannot get away with this.”

The bride is suing for more than $3 million. American Airlines would only tell Inside Edition that they are reviewing the lawsuit and would not comment further.

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