As America Watched Solar Eclipse, Some Families Welcomed Babies Into the World

One set of parents even named their baby after the event.

Monday's solar eclipse may have captured the attention of many across America, but August 21, 2017 will remain a memorable date for these parents, who welcomed a different ray of sunshine into the world.

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Along with the historic event was the birth of "eclipse babies" across America.

Freedom and Michael Eubanks of Greenville, S.C., even took it a step further, naming their little girl Eclipse Alizabeth.

“What better way to signify her being born during the eclipse than name her eclipse?” the proud mom said.

At St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield, Mo., eight solar eclipse babies were born.

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One of them was little Gunner, whose arrival forced his mom to miss the phenomenon in the sky.

"I was really jealous of everyone who got to watch the eclipse,” Gunner's mom Mallory told Inside Edition. “[But] glad he was healthy."

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