Sarah Palin's Most Trusted Aide Writes a Tell-All

INSIDE EDITION talks to a former aide of Sarah Palin whose tell-all book was released today and he says there is a side of the popular politician that few have seen, until now.

Frank Bailey, one of Sarah Palin's most trusted aides, just released a tell-all entitled Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin. The book is raising a storm of controversy over its scathing portrayal of the former Vice Presidential candidate.

Bailey stood at Palin's side for four years as both a gofer and protector during her tenure as Governor of Alaska.  

In an interview with Les Trent, Bailey reflected on Palin's less-than-professional tendencies. "We had an entire day where she spent eight hours talking about brownies and pizza," he said.

Bailey described Palin as both "erratic" and "vindictive." He recounted an instance where Palin utilized her daughter, Piper, to get revenge on a neighbor who complained about the noise at the Governor's Mansion.

"She, you know, sent her daughter out there with a lemonade stand and then pitched it as this guy who was against children. The lemonade stand story makes Richard Nixon looks like Mother Theresa."

So what does Bailey think about the rumors of trouble in the Palins' marriage?
According to Bailey, the relationship between Sarah and her husband, Todd, is more "dysfunctional" than it is picturesque.

"They didn't trust one another. They didn't trust that either one would carry out with their promises or that the other one would actually keep things confidential," Bailey said.

A Palin spokesman claims that Bailey is nothing more than a disgruntled former aide who "has an axe to grind and abandoned truth in his book." Bailey is under investigation in Alaska for using 60,000 confidential e-mails as source material for the book.  

"I've got no reason to be disgruntled. I got an amazing front row seat to Alaska politics, to national politics, and hopefully this story will kind of warn people to not do what I did," Bailey responded.

Meanwhile, there is unconfirmed buzz that Palin has just purchased a mansion in Scottsdale, Arizona for a cool $1.7 million. The walled two-story mansion sits on four acres and has five bedrooms and six baths; there's even a brand-new jungle gym in the backyard. It is situated just 40 miles away from daughter Bristol's five-bedroom home, purchased after her stint on Dancing with the Stars. Rumor holds that this may serve as the base for a run at the presidency in 2012.     

What does Bailey think of Palin as Commander-in-Chief?

"I think she would be a disaster for this country…She likes to compare herself with that steely spine of Ronald Reagan. She is no Ronald Reagan," Bailey said.

So are Bailey's allegations true? Although we may never know for sure, one fact remains certain: Sarah Palin is not pleased.

To listen to an excerpt from Frank Bailey's book, click here.