Woman Uses Dog to Help Reveal Pregnancy to Her Mom

Baby Liam was born in April.

A Virginia woman was reeling with excitement when she found out that she was going to be a grandma.

Stephanie Crosby, 33, had been trying to get pregnant for two years but it wasn’t as easy the couple had hoped. When it finally happened, she wanted to do something extra special to surprise her mom, Vicki.

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Crosby purchased a special shirt for her one of her dogs that read: “I am going to a big sister” and recorded the moment she surprised her mom with the news.

“My dog had a little itchy spot. We usually have to put T-shirts so she doesn’t bite her skin so I found the T-shirt online and got it straight away,” Crosby told InsideEdition.com. “My mom really loves all those dogs. It was a unique, fun way to tell her because it was a big deal for me.”

Crosby said she initially tried to hide the pregnancy, but once she heard her baby’s heartbeat at eight weeks, she couldn’t contain the news anymore.

She and her husband had struggled to get pregnant and began seeing a specialist and taking medication.

“After the fifth round of medication I had a positive test and our world has never been better,” Crosby said. “As she had been waiting for two years I knew she would be excited. Just not that excited. I wanted to catch her reaction to seeing my dog’s shirt but it took her forever to read it.”

In a video shared by Caters News, the couple gets their dog, Fish, to jump on Crosby’s mom as she visits their home so she can read the news on his T-shirt.

“I just kept waiting for her to read the T-shirt. And then she finally did. 

Vicki nearly fell out of her chair as she screamed in excitement at the happy news.

"Her reaction was more than I could ever imagine,” Crosby said, adding: “It was far better than I had ever expected. She had been waiting on a grandchild for two years."

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Baby Liam was born in April and his grandmother now watches him during the week. Crosby said the dogs love her baby boy too.

“Mom is now a wonderful grandmother to Liam and watches him while we both work. Fish is also a great big sister,” she added.

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