Lost Pet Skunk Reunited With Her Owner, Thanks to Guidance From a Psychic

When Sarah Harris, 40, had no hope of finding her runaway pet skunk, she contacted a local clairvoyant who found the animal's hiding spot.

While many would be bothered when a skunk returns to the neighborhood, this woman was relieved to be reunited with her beloved pet Dottie, thanks to a local psychic.

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“I am absolutely over the moon,” Sarah Harris, 40, of Devon, England, said. “Dottie is back to her normal, cheeky self.”

Harris told SWNS that her 18-month-old pet skunk that she had purchased as a baby from a pet store had run away while they were on vacation at a dog show.

Despite an extensive search, Harris wasn’t able to find Dottie and returned home without her beloved pet.

“God, your stomach just drops, doesn’t it?” she said.

She posted to social media about her lost skunk, but when her plea went unanswered, she reached out to clairvoyant Becky Willoughby, hoping she would have further insight.

Willoughby then predicted the skunk was under a garden shed nearly ten miles from where she had gotten lost.

Harris rushed to the scene, and after searching the location, she spotted her unmistakable furry tail.

“All of a sudden, I saw her. She edged forward and a friend managed to grab hold of her,” Harris said. “It was as if she had never been away.”

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Although Dottie sprayed Harris in their initial encounter, it is clear Dottie was happy to be home.

“Dottie curled up in the car in a blanket,” Harris said. “I had to give her a bath. She smelled very earthy. I guess she had burrowed — the water was black.”

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