Panda Cubs Celebrate Their Second Birthday a World Apart | Inside Edition

Panda Cubs Celebrate Their Second Birthday a World Apart

Both Bei Bei, living in Washington, D.C. and Nuan Nuan, a cub living in Malaysia, enjoyed frozen treats for their birthday.s

For his second birthday, Bei Bei the panda won’t have to celebrate alone.

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Bei Bei, the panda cub on loan to the Smithsonian Zoo in Washington, D.C., celebrated his second birthday Tuesday with a special frozen cake filled with pears, apples, carrots and sweet potatoes.

After an afternoon filled with festivities, the birthday cub enjoyed a nap.

Across the globe, Nuan Nuan, a cub born at Malaysia's Giant Panda Conservation Center, also celebrated turning 2 years old Wednesday.

Her dad Xing Xing and mom Liang Liang, both 11, enjoyed treats with Nuan Nuan while on display.

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After her birthday, zookeepers will begin preparing Nuan Nuan for transport to Chengdu, China, as a part of China’s panda policy.

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